“Simone is not only a talented photographer, she goes the extra mile to produce the best images possible. I know that when I work with Simone, she will embrace the goals of our photo session and approach the project with a “whatever it takes” attitude! Simone’s bright and positive outlook makes her a pleasure to work with. I enjoy working with Simone and our company values all that she brings to our product imagery.”

– Susan Strible, Director of Marketing, Ruff Wear Performance Dog Gear, Bend, Oregon


“Simone, it’s always a pleasure to work with you. You have always been willing to work to meet my sometimes tight deadlines and last minute requests, and your professionalism and talent are refreshing. I can honestly say you are the only photographer who unfailingly finds a way to capture my work in a way that astounds me.”

– Ed Busch, President, PGC Building & Design, Bend, Oregon


“Thank you so much for your brilliant work…It has been a true pleasure having you around – and the photos you have taken for us have propelled our business forward in ways we couldn’t have done ourselves! Your photography is just brilliant and in working with you, I believe I have found not just talent and someone dedicated to their craft and artistry, but a friend. I can’t thank you enough for caring about our needs and bringing our food alive!!!”

– Garrett Adair, Executive Chef and Owner, Chef Adair Catering, Sonoma County, California

“If I need a photographer based in The United States, Simone is my first choice. She’s versatile, professional and extremely talented. Furthermore, Simone is easy to work with and a dedicated, hard-working individual with an outstanding creative eye and sense of composition. I so very highly recommend her.”

– Adam Zarudny – Owner + Creative / Art Director, TZAR.ca, Toronto, Canada


“Thanks for getting us just what we needed. Really enjoyed working with you!”

– Martha Bardach, Photo Assignment Editor, TIME Magazine, West Coast Bureau


“When I met Simone, I thought that she was just going to snap some pictures of my food…what I learned about her is so much more. Simone brings a true passion to what she does. She was able to create images that captured my passion as well. Her photography conveyed perfectly how I would want people to see my food. I feel grateful to know her and would highly recommend her to work with. She’s a gem!!”

– Lisa Glickman, Private Chef Services, Bend, Oregon


“I hired Simone to take professional portraits for my firm’s website and promotional materials. She did an amazing job of conveying my personal approach to business. In addition to great photography, she provided me with a lot of helpful ideas for using the images to reach my target market. I would highly recommend Simone for any business-related photography.”

Kelly O’Brien, Attorney at Law, Law Office of Kelly R. O’Brien LLC


“The photo’s are stunning. I can’t believe that I get to live here. The house looks more beautiful in your photos than in real life!!”

– Kathryn Baker, Home owner, Vandevert Ranch, Sunriver, Oregon


“These photos are gorgeous!”

– Christina Koch, Editor, Eco-Structure Magazine

“Simone: These images are GAW-GEOUS! I am so delighted. And the party photos are an amazing idea. It’s so wonderful to be working with you.”

– Jessica L. Bizik, Editor-in-Chief, Log Home Design Ideas


“I’ve used Simone’s photographic services both for advertising but more so for architecture (shots of our rental homes) and we couldn’t have been happier with the results. You could put the same equipment in a dozen different hands, and the results that will come from Simone will be far superior. Her eye for detail on how to make things look perfect is really what sets her above anybody else I’ve dealt with. Any monkey with a camera can take pictures, but it takes a true professional to capture memorable photographs like she does. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire her again.”

– Jake Ortman, Sunray Vacation Rentals, Sunriver, Oregon


“A lot of printing projects can be boring, Simone’s were always exciting. She is consistently pushing the envelope for her clients bringing fresh ideas, innovative approaches and a sharp eye that creates WOW projects for her clients. That, and she’s got incredible talent behind the lens. Have always enjoyed working with Simone.”

– J.C. Nore, President, Connexion Printing Consultants, Bend, Oregon



“I love the photos you took of the WalkerWood project! They are beautiful.”

– Carolyn Walker Davis, Architect, San Rafael, California


“Thank you for making our house look so warm and inviting. One friend commented, how the angled chair in the great room gave a feeling of someone having just left it.”

– Ardis Fielding, Howe owner, Aspen Lakes, Sisters, Oregon


“Beautiful Work, Simone!!!!!!!”

– Cherie Myrick Interior Design, Bend, Oregon