Dear Blog,

I just realized with surprise – and a bit of shame – that I’ve terribly neglected you in the last few months.

I admit – your Facebook counterpart has been getting most of the attention lately. And your Twitter counterpart too. But… they are just so much fun and interactive! If you go check them out, I think you’ll understand.

Nevertheless – I promise to make an effort. Maybe I’ll even figure out how to connect you all! Then you can share all of the information. Wouldn’t that be splendid? I thought so.

Meanwhile – and because I know how terribly bored you, my dear blog, must have been, all on your own like this – I thought I’d update you with some recent projects I’ve photographed:

A pretty, pretty remodel and interior design job – remodel work by PGC Building & Design and interior design by V. Stich:

A bunch of different jewelry….

and even jewelry technique

Plus, a bunch of really nifty products – GearPockets and SimplyStashed – the local Christy Designs business came up with:

Well, the list goes on and on, but I’ll try and be back soon to post some other stuff. Sayonara, for now.

Yours truly,
your negectful owner Simone

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