Why Your Business Needs Good Friends

Sometimes, all elements of the universe combine to spiral your life into one gigantic tornado of change.

Last September, I returned from a two-week communication outage (ie vacation) to find my website had been extinguished. Completely gone. The hosting company had blown it, their server had crashed and they had lost all client files on it. And, oh yeah, same with their backups. Gone. Boom.

After the initial massive shock, the full extend of what this really meant for me and my business started to slowly sink in. My primary marketing and sales tool had been yanked away from me. Gone were the vast galleries of images I had built over the 11-year life of the site. Vanished had the blog posts I had so carefully crafted, had spent so much time thinking about, had exuded so much effort spilling onto the page.

And with it, gone was also all that yummy, delicious SEO I had so busily built up.

Since I’m writing this very post, from this very website, you may have surmised that not all was lost yet. I can only say that thanks to my good and loyal friend Jake Ortman (who has been my go-to web/hosting/tech guy for 12 years) and who wears a superhero cape under his regular clothes. Which he will only grudgingly admit to however, and only if pressed. Over the span of several weeks after the crash, he tirelessly contacted past hosting companies, foraging for the eventuality of a random backup somewhere.

I had just about given up hope, resigned myself to spending a bundle and hiring my web designer once more to recreate the site for me, when I got this short, but miraculous email from Jake: “It’s DATED – but it’s alive.”

And indeed – there it was. My beloved website, 99% functional, lacking those vast image galleries, but with the blog complete from 2004 through 2012. The posts from 2013 were positively gone – but what a marvelously small price to pay, really. I was so happy, I almost passed out from the excitement.

So if you – dear reader, client or potential client – are wondering why my blog seems to have seen no action at all in 2013, that’s why.

Why I haven’t really posted since October … well, that’s a whole ‘nother blog post, full of delight and surprise which I will share soon enough.

Happy, prosperous 2014!